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CRO-MAG: a term derived from cro-magnon, which is a name commonly used to describe early modern humans. 

LEADERSHIP: an approach to create change in individuals and cultures with the end goal of developing people into leaders.


Cro-Mag Leadership inspires people to maximize potential in order to learn, lead and grow .  We accomplish this with a winning mindset.

What Cro-Mag Leadership Offers:

The founder and lead consultant of Cro-Mag Leadership is a decorated police officer known for demonstrating humility and the ability to learn, lead and evolve as a person.  Cro-Mag offers services to law enforcement agencies, private businesses and to individuals seeking personal growth opportunities.  Cro-Mag’s services provide a unique leadership approach by encouraging change from within.  For example, leadership is not about you, it’s all about you.  In other words, when effective leaders create change from within they effectively create change in people, teams, bureaus, divisions and ultimately organizations.  We accomplish this through strategic planning, coaching, interactive leadership courses, and dynamic speaking engagements.
We encourage individuals to be courageous so they can overcome comfort zones, which ultimately leads to growth. This approach is a catalyst to personal and professional success. Destroy mediocrity by shifting your leadership game from ordinary to extraordinary.

one on one executive coaching

one and two hour dynamic keynote presentations

four hour interactive course of instruction

eight hour interactive course of instruction

Some of the law enforcement agencies that have had the Cro-Mag experience by way of four and eight hour interactive courses…

Sacramento Sheriff’s Office

Sacramento Police Department

California Highway Patrol

Elk Grove Police Department

Rancho Cordova Police Department

Yolo County Sheriff’s Department

Beverly Hills Police Department

Citrus Heights Police Department

Department of Consumer Affairs

San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office

Butte County Sheriff’s Department

Madera County Sheriff’s Department

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

Carlsbad Police Department

Rob Patton

Cro-Mag Leadership Founder

Cro-Mag Leadership Chief Executive Officer

Rob Patton is a retired Lieutenant with a large Northern California law enforcement agency, and has been employed by them for over 20 years.  During that time he has held a variety of assignments on the front line, as a supervisor and currently a manager.  Rob’s experience includes corrections, patrol, detectives, gangs, fugitive apprehension, SWAT, detective bureau supervisor, internal affairs and watch commander.  Rob was the first to create and implement an internal leadership development program for his organization, which is designed to enhance one’s leadership skills so employees can emerge as active leaders and influence organizational culture.

Rob possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.  Rob also graduated from the Sherman Block Leadership Institute and LAPD’s West Point Leadership Academy.  In 2019, Rob received the Distinguished Alumni Service award, from California State University Sacramento, for outstanding service as a leader in law enforcement.

Rob continuously strives to learn, lead and grow as a person and leader.  He is a former collegiate athlete, active community member, but most importantly a devoted husband and father.


Rob is one of six children raised by his mother in the east bay.  His mother and father divorced when he was seven years old, which was about the time he developed a chip on his shoulder.  Rob was lucky enough to channel his issues into sports, but he still led a life of poor decision making.  Rob was eventually kicked out of high school his senior year; however, his college football coach took a chance on him.  Rob took advantage of the opportunity and became the first in his family to participate in athletics at an institution of higher education.  

The male role models in Rob’s life were coaches who were hard on him for good reason.  Rob embraced their approach because he responded to that style of leadership (i.e., iron fist).  He eventually became a police officer and about half way through his career Rob realized he had the same ‘iron fist’ type of mindset.  This autocratic style of leadership was ineffective.  Sadly, Rob realized the same applied to his personal life. 

Rob made a conscious decision to transform his mindset in order to evolve into a better person and leader.  This mental shift created change from the inside out.  Rob began to see the world from a different lens, which led to opportunities in his personal and professional life.  Since then, Rob has been motivated to stay on this path so he can maximize his fullest potential.  Moreover, Rob’s purpose and passion in life is to help others realize the same, so they too can maximize their potential.

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